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Drone Services

Drone Services

With the rapid advancement of drone technology, businesses now have an incredible opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors by capturing high-quality, imaginative, and breathtaking aerial photos. In today's competitive market, having a distinctive feature is crucial for attracting consumers who are seeking options and referrals. To truly stand out in the online realm, your business needs to grab the attention of consumers, emotionally resonate with them through compelling content, and prompt them to engage by reaching out to your company.​


This is precisely where Howie Digital comes into play. Whether you're showcasing your house, boat, car or aiming to make a lasting impression in industries like landscaping, gutter installation, pavement maintenance, or roofing. It's essential to approach marketing differently from the rest. We offer an array of services, including still shots, short video clips, aerial footage, and even combinations of these elements, allowing us to give your personal listings or business a dynamic edge that sets you apart from the competition.​Ready to take your personal listings or business to new heights? Reach out to Howie Digital today and let's discuss how we can elevate your marketing strategies and create an unforgettable impact in your industry. Together, we'll help you leave a lasting impression on potential customers and drive your success to new horizons.

Real Estate

Looking to list your house in this market? Well, you need a competitive edge to stand out from the rest. We create 2-3 minute compelling videos of all aspects of your house. Check out our youtube link above to see what we can do!


Want to enhance your brand as a roofing, gutter, landscaping, or construction company? Then creating a drone video is a great place to start. We will do before and after videos to help you show the customer or display on your social media to further strengthen your business's brand.

Boat / Car Selling Package

Tired of all the "Is this still available?" or "Does it run?" messages well this service is for you. For a flat service fee, one of our pilots will meet you out at the lake or map out a dynamic area to get footage of your vehicle. From there we will create a short clip to post on social media and send to interested buyers to help you create an emotional connection with the potential buyer. Which will move your car/boat more efficiently and help you get your next dream car/boat.  

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