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How Can Social Media Help You?

Social media, where do we begin? Initially created as a means to share updates with friends and family, social media has evolved into a powerful tool for growing your organic audience and establishing your online brand. In the digital world, a single like, share, or repost can have a significant impact. Unfortunately, many businesses give up after just a month or two when they don't see immediate results. That's where consistency becomes paramount in social media success. Rarely do companies post a TikTok or Facebook post that instantly goes viral. To achieve social media success, it's crucial to post regularly and consistently introduce fresh content. Embrace your creativity and think outside the box; the more distinct and imaginative your approach, the better your brand will differentiate itself.

When it comes to Facebook, many people wrongly assume that it's only used by older generations and not suitable for business purposes. However, according to, Facebook boasts an estimated 2.989 billion monthly active users, making it the world's most active social media platform. By crafting targeted posts, you can make significant strides on this platform. Let's consider an example: Suppose you run a law firm specializing in Elder Law and you aim to expand your reach in Minnetonka, MN. You can create a social media campaign that targets men and women aged 55+ with a household income of XYZ in specific area codes XYZ. Once you've developed your content and boosted your post in the area, imagine Frank Johnson stumbling upon it, liking it, and resharing it on his page. Frank has 500 friends on Facebook, which means your boosted post now has 500 organic views. While not all of Frank's friends will fit your target audience, even if 10% of them do, you have reached a group of people that your targeted social media campaign wouldn't have otherwise reached, especially if they are located in different areas.

When it comes to posting content, it's essential to infuse creativity into your approach. Here are a few strategies you can adopt: stay updated on social media trends and popular hashtags, consider utilizing a drone service company to capture unique visuals, showcase Google reviews on your page, and most importantly, dare to be different. We all possess expertise in specific fields, but if you'd rather leave the creative aspects to an expert, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Howie Digital. Our specialties include Drone services, Social Media Content Creation, Local Search optimization, and much more. Something as simple as a drone photo of your business's location can make a lasting impact on your audience.

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